The Mill worked with Joint London to create a bold, encompassing audiovisual experience for Vue Cinemas with a brand new ident directed by Andrew Proctor. Rich in crisp, abstract imagery derived from a mixture of in-camera footage and 3D elements, the in-house production takes audiences on an artistic journey through four key components of the Vue Cinemas experience: refreshments, comfort, state-of-the-art sound and unparalleled picture projection. The clients trusted Andrew him so much, they basically let him do whatever he wanted. This allowed me to spend over a week sculpting lots of different types of rocks. In the end, since the rock cavern I sculpted was meant to be the macro world of a seat cushion, the clients opted out of the hard jagged obsidian rocks I originally sculpted, for a smoother softer rock. This left me two days to completely redo all my work from scratch to deliver what you see in the final product.