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A Clash Short Film


I jumped on this project towards the tail end of production as a lighter. I thought I was going to be polishing up a few shots and just helping out as needed, but boy was I wrong. Ice, poison, fire, lasers, you name it, my shots had it. I got tasked with lighting the treasure room transformation sequence. If there was an ice or a poison cloud in the frame, it was assigned to me. 

I had to work closely with FX to figure out the look of the ice and poison clouds, plus figure out the best method for the ice transformation effect. I ended up sculpting out a frozen version of the room and created a nice ice shader for it, then simply had FX generate me a mask to reveal it. The other difficult aspect of these shots was balancing out all the light sources. The director wanted the poison and ice clouds to be giving off a lot of light, which made it difficult to create a nice composition, since there is also a spot light, flames, glowing eyes, moon light windows, all competing for attention. I ended up creating a lot of different lighting passes, so we could easily dial it in comp and save a lot of valuable farm time. 

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