HAY DAY: 360 Hug

RESPONSIBILITIES: Modeling / Texturing / Fur Groom Some Characters & Environment Assets

Two years after working on the 3 year anniversary commercial, Super Cell came back to the Mill to make the 5 year anniversary spot, but this time in 360. This was my very first 360 video, and boy was it a lot of work. It's at least 4 times the work of a normal commercial. There are no cuts or a camera moves to hide anything. For this spot, I manly focused on character work. I spent most of my time updating and fixing the old characters from previous hay day spots, and also creating some new stylized friends. The clients were really picky about matching their 2d characters from the game exactly, so I had to make sure I nailed their likeness. We were also able to use some of my old environment assets, but I also had the chance to create some new stuff too.